The City After Quarantine: La Ciudad Después de la Cuarentena

14 x 21 x 0.4 cm

The cities and regions of the world are on hiatus. We have little time and much to do. The COVID-19 pandemic can be a test of what awaits us and that is why we need people who are informed, organized and willing to build our present and future hands-on.

This text is born of the desire to make visible how we could change the inertia of the established social order that will collapse sooner rather than later, being aware that the new paradigms, this time, will have to be based on social and environmental justice. We understand this crisis as an opportunity, chaos as a gift offering to understand life as a constant rhythm construction-destruction and that any process of growth has an implicit error, therefore making transformation inherent to all natural cycles. The pandemic is a trigger for new ways of living, planning and imagining cities as a symbiosis of many living organisms within a physical environment.

The following lines are an open manifesto in which the individual’s freedom within the inherited planet is valued without question. This collection of dreams for the future is an anarchist act of call to cooperation for all those people who wonder about the possibility of living in a balanced world with values such as horizontality, mutual support, empathy, solidarity and autonomy and that denounces the aggression between us and over the biophysical environment we inhabit.


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Tag(s): #apraça, anarquismo, urbanismo

Língua/idioma: Inglês e Espanhol

Traduzido por: Cooperativa Conjunts

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